High Demand Products Importing & Exporting from China

Did you know, all the high demand products you sell are mostly imported from the Chinese market? When you are in the import and export trading line, you need to think you will come across various products. You will see that starting from vendors to buyers, in every sector the main people you interact with are the Chinese.

Chinese goods face the highest demands in the market because of several beneficial reasons. The styles they use and the price they are available for is very attractive for import business.

Similarly, for export business, who are the major consumer of your products. Yes, it’s the Chinese people. Being a growing economy, they do look for exclusive items at great price.

Why are the Chinese important for importing and exporting high demand products?

Chinese items are always in demand. But why do people love hiring Chinese supplier and their services? The reasons are very simple –

  • The Chinese labor is very cheap as compared to labor service in other countries in the international trade markets.
  • China provides wide variety of products in attractive designs and specially made for occasions or individuals like kids’ cutleries, electronic goods etc.
  • Chinese goods are always highly affordable in nature.
  • The Chinese government provides Strong back support to the trade market.
  • Labors available here are highly skilled.
  • Export is supported here as the wholesalers and manufactures have good capital funding.
  • The chain of supply is great here.

Truly there are so many reasons to opt for the Chinese whenever international trade comes in mind.

However, one must not forget language can be a big barrier. If you have a trustable interpreter or translator, you can actually crack good bargain with the Chinese suppliers or purchasers in the market.

Identify the High Demand Products

Trading calls for good understanding of the market. If you know your target market, you will have a clear idea of what is in demand and what should be your target product.

Some tips that might help you identify the product in demand are –

  • Identify the target market you wish to be established at
  • Identify the customers you want to cater to.
  • Look for the products that are in demand in the market
  • Check the price at which these products are selling
  • Research on the raw materials needed for the products and their cost
  • Do the math. If the product is meeting your expected to turnover count, earning you enough profit, it might be the one.
  • Check with the trade boards to understand the feasibility of the manufacturing or importing.
  • If it is permitted in your country, check the documentation required to get the show on road.

When all these check-points are met properly, you will easily find yourself the right product for business.

Just to take a step ahead with the product selection, you might want to go online and check with the Chinese market or online e-commerce sites. They will give you the real picture of what people think about a particular type of product and the demand it has in the market.

In fact, this will help you identify your competitor in the market.

High Demand Products in the Chinese Market

If you are into the import and export game, then you need to know the high demand products in China. One can gain from export if you are exporting the right product.

The top 10 products that dominate the Chinese market are –

1. Electronic goods and technology

The Chinese market of e-commerce appreciate foreign electronic goods and technology to a great extent. These products sell fast and smooth from online portals. The main customers who are into these are the millennials.

2. Fashion and accessories

Chinese market standsas huge consumer of foreign fashion goods like apparel and accessories. The Parisian and Venetian brands dominate the Chinese market. The style is in vogue amongst the youngsters in China.

The celebrities and Chinese influencers are setting fashion trend in China with their international fashion outfits.

3. Dresses and gears for sports

Sportswear in china is treated as an intersectional apparel between functional and fashionable wear. These products are known to prosper in the Chinese market, especially if they belong to international brands.

The Chinese consider the internal brands to be authentic and buy this sportswear on regular basis in the online websites.

Some common brands that are dominating the Chinese market are Adidas, Nike etc.

4. Gourmet

Chinese consumers are well known to be experimental when it comes to food. They indulge in gourmet culture and appreciate buying imported food items online.

Thanks to the exquisite taste of China, many internal food chains are opening up in the mainland. Plus, canned products are gaining demand.

5. Beverages

Food is never complete if not paired with the perfect beverage. No doubt beverages form a core of the import industry in China.

Foreign beverages and liquors are always in demand here among the millennials.

Pepsi among others in the market of soft aerated beverage has received quite some demand in china.

No to mention, the International Wines are among the most preferred beverage for the Chinese.

The Chinese market is huge and caters to various people with various taste, so as an exporter, you can have a lot to offer here.

6. Beauty products

Though neighbors, the Korean beauty products are among the most popular items in Chinese market. The list of foreign beauty brand doesn’t end here. Many European brands also found their way to Chinese consumer’s heart.

While the European and Korean beauty products can be little expensive for the Chinese market, there are several small internal brands that are flourishing in the country through the e-commerce sites, where they are being sold at great deal among millennials.

Perfume among all other imported products has created a record of $257 million sale in the year 2017.

The next highly sold beauty product for the Chinese is eye and lip care cosmetics. Apart from that skin care products like sunscreen are also hitting the Chinese market.

7. Jewels

Jewelries form the core of luxury trade in China. With the recent decrease in the taxation for imported jeweler, it seems the demand for them has increased considerably. Retailers are looking forward to buyingjeweler from the foreign brands.

Jewelry sell is not really a cheap business. Neither the jewels cost low nor are they sold at a cheap rate. They are meant for luxury clients and they yield high profit.

As per the market surveys, it has been observed that people in China are willing to pay extra in exchange for quality jewels. They are really not looking for cheap and poor quality product for glamming up.

8. Supplements for health

The supplements for health, like vitamins, minerals and more sell nicely in Chinese Market. Chinese understand the value of these products and consume them frequently.

Though manufacturing of such supplement is not completely uncommon in China, they prefer the foreign medicines over the local supplements.

Strikingly, Australian companies are making milestone profit in the Chinese market.

9. Formulae for babies

Tainted formulae for babies from Chinese manufacturers had ill-effects on the society. But still the demand of the baby formula persists among the parents.

Hence, comes the demand for the tinned product from the foreign market.

They consider this as a safe purchase giving rise to baby formula of foreign brands in the Chinese market.

10. Home Appliances

Like electronic goods there are several home appliances that are better exported than manufactured in the Chinese market.

Chinese people most own houses and are working, so they are always in need of automated products. The demand doesn’t end with appliances. The Parisian and antique furniture are getting quite popular these days with the Chinese young house owners.

No doubt they have to get it imported from European or USA market. These are niche products and yield high profit.

High demand products for the import market

We have discussed about the product demands in the Chinese market before, now let’s focus on the Chinese products that are in demand when you import them. Of course, all these products are high profit yielding ones.

1. Kitchen tools

The Chinese are expert in producing tools that are small and concise and save manual labor toa great extent. Kitchen tools like cutter and grater are example of such products. Naturally, they offer great deal comfort to the ladies.

So, grater and cutters and similar tools for food processing are very popular. Manufacturing cost for these products is drastically low, whereas, because of the high demand, people can actually sell them with good profit.

2. Kids’ T-shirts

Kids’ T-shirts! Strange isn’t it? Why would someone import t-shirt from a foreign manufacturer?

To be give the correct information, actually the printed Kids’ T-shirts are in fact one of the most popular items imported worldwide from the Chinese manufacturers.

These T-shirts are great when it comes to their quality. The main attraction is the print. They have unique print of cartoons and fictional characters and come in bright colors. No wonder the kids are fond of this.

On one hand they are kids’favorite, on the other their manufacturing cost is very low. If you are prompt with your orders, you might beat your competitor and grab the best designs.

Sell more and earn more.

3. Buttons for elastic jeans

Be it elastic or normal jeans, buttons are essential for everyone to give the right fit. Buttons with funky designs and even plain ones work fine in this aspect.

These buttons are again imported because of their low manufacturing cost. One gets to earn about 2900% by selling these buttons to the wholesalers locally. No doubt they are very popular in the market.

You get place your order in bulk when you require buttons and earn more profit there. Even the duty fees seem nominal.

4. Stampers for Nail art

Fashion products are popular in both China and when they are imported. The nail art stampers are really special product which are in demand amongst the young girls.

Nail art is the modern trend in the fashion market. To get the nail art done properly you do need stampers. But these items are rare. But the Chinese ones are really smooth.

5. Kids’ cutlery

Both cutlery and crockeries made in china have their separate customer set. All these goods are made in exciting shapes and have cute graphic designs. Kids do find these as toys and finish their food fast.

Then its evident that these cutleries and crockeries are parents’ favorite on one hand, on the other, the kids enjoy their time even while they eat. Why won’t these items be in demand?

Thus, these are popular import items and they have to be imported from China for their quality and graphics.

6. Portable Desk Lamp with USB

Technology is something where the Chinese rule every market. Portable Table lamps with USB charger is one such technological wonder from China.

You don’t need any wire or battery to get the lamp charged. To light your room all you need is a USB charger. These products are in demand among people who prefer going to camping or trekking. These are helpful for places where you don’t get any kind of electricity.

7. The Survival kit miniature

When you talk about survival kit, you usually think of a box full of knives, axe, hammer, compass, whistle, thermometer etc. But the popular ones in market are the Chinese miniature survival kit.

These kits are nothing but amalgamation of all these items under one key chain.

Swiss survival kits are equally good. But they are extremely expensive. China beats the market here with their cheap survival tools.

8. Holders for Mobile phone

Mobile phone holders sell the best among all other phone accessories in the market. The fact that you can mount them on any exterior surface is great.

9. IR Remote

Yet another technology, the Universal IR Remote, when installed in your smart phones with their IR remote plug, converts your smartphone into a control device to manage any other electronic device.

10. Box Glasses for virtual reality

This is currently the most popular Chinese product selling everywhere for its hi-tech solution of virtual reality. This is device that support VR contents and applications. These are popular with kids.

11. Peel off mask

The trend of using high demand products has changed a bit since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and gave rise to the demand for new products like the peel-off mask. Now that the Government has imposed restrictions on visiting salons, people are looking for beautification options at home.

The trending peel of masks has proven to be an easy solution to detoxification, stress relief, and skincare. The best quality of these peel-off-mask comes from the Korean or Chinese market. Hence, there is a huge demand in the import-export market for these facial kits. A box of these masks can cost you between $5-$20.

12. Wireless phone chargers

New generation smartphones require new generation chargers. With Apple introducing the concept of wireless charging in smartphones, people are choosing the wireless phone chargers over their regular devices for charging. We have seen a surge in demand for these chargers on e-commerce websites. It’s high time that suppliers start importing the best quality chargers at the cheapest deal.

13. Face shields

With the Coronavirus prevailing in our surroundings, wearing a face shield has become inevitable. However, the standard face shield you get at medical stores is usually plain and doesn’t look appealing.

How can you keep up the fashion and maintain COVID safety habits?

The designed face shields are the best solution to your styling problems. The colorful and designed face shields have become one of the leading high demand products in past one year. One can earn high ROI by selling these face covers on their e-commerce portals. You can import and sell designer and themed shields on your portal for a price as low as $5.

14. Phone Lenses

Who needs a DSLR camera when you have a 48 MP rear camera on your smartphone? We have seen a reduction in demand for digital cameras as smartphone manufacturers increase the quality of camera lenses on their devices. However, there is a surge in demand for phone lenses as people intend to perform professional photography with their smartphones.

The phone lenses have been in demand in the e-commerce market for quite some time yet continue to be one of the highly demanded products, even today. If you are supplying gadgets and electronic products, this is an accessory you should look forward to getting imported. The product is in high demand and available for a dirt-cheap price with Chinese manufacturers. Hence, it guaranteed high ROI on every sale.

15. Eye shadow stamp

In our fast-paced world, we need time-saving gadgets for every activity, including our eye make-up. Eye make-up artists have vehemently developed a liking for eye shadow stamps in recent years. These are stamp-like products that make eye make-up easier and saves time. All you need to do is eye shadow or paste on the stamp base and press it against your eyelids. You can now have the perfect eye makeup.

The stamp comes with removable sponge pads at the bottom. So, a single piece can be used by more than one person. Usually, every stamp fits every eyelid size. It is an ideal purchase for makeup artists.

16. Inflatable collars for pets

Purchasing inflatable collars for pets is a new trend in the market. These collars are made such that they are suitable for dogs and cats alike and offer them the ultimate comfort while traveling or sleeping. It is meant as face protection for your pets. Naturally, it has become a high demand product in the world among pet parents.

17. Child wrist leash

Google reports say that child wrist leash is slowly gaining popularity globally, especially among young parents. We get reports of missing children from several countries, lost from crowded places.

With the child wrist leash, parents now remain stress-free about their child’s safety.

No matter how crowded an area is, your child will remain tethered to you despite all pushing and unprecedented moves of the child.

18. Car phone holder

Can you imagine driving to a place without looking at the GPS? There was a time when we asked pedestrians for directions to an unknown place. But now, from direction to the traffic condition of the road, everything becomes visible to us on our smartphones.

A car phone holder has become one of the most important car accessories in the modern world, just like the seat covers.

Now, people are looking for these holders in different retail stores selling car accessories and even on e-commerce platforms. Definitely importing these is a profitable solution for a supplier.

19. Wi-Fi repeater

Are you bored of slow internet connectivity whenever you step out of your home? Try using a Wi-Fi repeater. Thousands of people are using it globally and have appreciated the internet speed they get by using the repeater.

You can enjoy almost double the speed of the internet with it. While a standard Wi-Fi router gives you a coverage of 20m/sq. area, the Wi-Fi repeater amplifies the signal range and covers a larger expanse like the garden, swimming pool area out your home, garage, etc.

20. Posture corrector

We see a huge demand for a posture corrector on e-commerce platforms. Nowadays people are more concerned about their appearance and health. While they focus on regular exercising for a healthy life, they use posture correctors to ensure a straight and tall appearance.

Posture correctors are orthopedic body belts that provide complete support to your spinal cord. Physiotherapists are highly recommending the use of these belts these days.

Final thoughts on high demand products in the import market

We have discussed the top 20 high demand products in the import market in today’s world. As we advance with technology, more and more products get added to the list and show a bright future for the import-export market

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Chinese goods are booming in every market. Technology products from Chinese manufacturers are slowly taking over the entire market. If you want to have a high profit business in the trading market, then Chinese suppliers are your future.