List of Top Wholesale Markets in Diffrent Parts of China

Do you want a detailed list of best wholesale markets in China? We will discuss about all the possible wholesale markets in China.

But before we do so, you need to understand that the wholesale markets can be segregated as per the regions of China:-

  • Biggest wholesale market from the region of Guangzhou.
  • Shenzhen’s biggest wholesale market
  • Yiwu’s biggest wholesale market
  • Online distributors of china who are into wholesale business.

We all know that china is the largest market area in this world. It not only caters to wholesale but also to strong retail segment of the industry. In a Chinese market area, you will come across dealers from different corners of the world. Be it a trade fair like Canton fair or retail markets or shopping arcades, foreigners are everywhere.

To make identification of the market area easier for you, we will be discussing about them based on regions. Each of them has different flavor of market concept, different colors, designs and above all the charm of different cultures. The Chinese wholesale market is diverse and fascinating altogether.

The wholesale market here is not restricted to the offline or physical regional market. China has 4 top wholesale platform to offer to us. In fact, their online market is leading today’s world.

List of Best Wholesale Markets in China 2020

Let us begin our regional journey of china with the list of best wholesale markets in China you should know

Largest marketplaces in Guangzhou

The major wholesale markets in Guangzhou are mainly related to clothing and costumes.

Here will list the top 5 wholesale market areas in Guangzhou that deal with clothing and other similar items.

1. The Baima Costume Market of Guangzhou

This is the first commercial market of China that deals with wholesale for costumes. This is the area where you come across over 1000 of manufacturers of garments from different areas of the world like Taiwan and South Korea.

Many designers and home decors items come from USA and UK.

All products here are of the best quality and are available at great wholesale price. What do you here? Here is a small list –

  • Garments for men, women and kids
  • Different home décor and designing material
  • Best option for bargaining
  • Wholesale clothing market hub for the world
  • Only and only the best items overcrowd the place.

2. Wholesale clothing market of Shijing

Don’t think this is just 1 market. Shijing is one of the top markets of Guangzhou that has more multiple options for wholesale markets around it. Can you believe that Shijing has 18 different wholesale market offering various items of diverse categories!

All these markets are aligned on both sides of the streets. One side of the street is exclusively dedicated for kids’ wear, leather items, shoes, etc. The other side of the road, towards the north, is the hub for general apparels and unique fabrics.

Apart from these, there are 2 more wholesale market area in Shijing who are famous for their collection of men’s apparels, accessories and shoes.

3. Wholesale clothing Market in Zhanxi

This market is famous in the world as “Zhuo Mei ClothingWholesale Market”. However, unlike the name, this market is the hub for all items alongside clothing. From coats to shoes or purses to jewelleries, Zhanxi is the hub of all fashion items for every age group and gender.

You get more than wholesale here. Name a brand for sports items, shoes, sportswear, jeans or anything, you have it here. You get imported branded items from all across the globe at this market.

This is the hub for multi-cultural goods. Do you want apparels that reflect the Asian culture? you have it here. If you want some European style, it’s there for you in the stores. What’s more? All these items are available at a great deal cheaper than the shopping arcades.

4. Wholesale marketplace of Haizhu

If you want a crowded, huge wholesale market in Guangzhou, it is Haizhu that you want to visit.

Why is it so much in demand? Because this is the fashion hub. If you are purchasing fashion dresses in bulk amount, you get them for an unimaginably low rate. If you are worries about the product quality, they are way superior to the top brands in the market.

However, we don’t recommend kids in this area since because of the crowd.

Other than that, the USP of this place are-

  • Quality product at a cheap price
  • Shops and stores are non-harassed
  • The area is attractive
  • One-stop solution market for all fashion items

5. Zhongda Marketplace

This is one of the largest marketplaces of China. Here the fabrics are world-famous.  Different sizes of markets cover the roads here. If you want to hit the best bargain on fashion items like bags, denims, laces etc. this is the place for you.

The basement areas of the smaller streets have all these items in abundance. Marketplace from both the ends of the street get connected with each other by a bridge.

One can hire assistance over here to crack the best deal from the shops.

Largest wholesale market areas in Shenzhen

1. Century Plaza for Wholesale Trade on Clothing

This Clothing Wholesale market of Shenzhen is also famous by the name of “Century Square” or “South Oil Industrial Park”. Every building and store in this marketplace are diverse. Some of them are ‘fixed price’ stores, but for majority, you need to refer to the price that hangs over the store.

If you are tactful and good at bargaining, you will surely be able to crack a great deal here.

What do you get here?

  • Western apparel, clothes, shoes and bags.
  • Men’s clothing
  • Kids’ clothing and accessories
  • Jewelries and watches

2. Shenzhen Yiwu Wholesale Mansion for smallware

Every daily use products of our lives are available here in both wholesale and retail rates. The price difference becomes visible when a person plans to purchase bulk products from the wholesale dealers.

Can you imagine one can get 40% discount on bulk orders!

The top services and products that are available in this marketplace are –

  • 3D goods and toys
  • Wide range of collection for garments for every gender and age group
  • Garden equipment and flowers
  • Supplies for salons and cosmetics
  • Beauty products
  • Electronic goods, kitchenware, toolboxes
  • Equipment for sports and health
  • Watches and jewelries
  • Supplies for bedding
  • Fashion products like that of purses, hats, bags
  • Baby products

3. Taoyuan clothing city of Shenzhen

This is a market that is well known for its wholesale trade in Shenzhen. People mainly engage in trading for imported fashion apparel over here from hundreds of shops. Different kinds of people are customer to these shops here.

From apparels to accessories, hats to purses, from skinny jeans to plus-size fashion and many more diverse ranges of fashion products are available here. All products here are suitable for men, women and kids alike.

Why is this place preferred as wholesale market? The environment is superior over here with proper shop layouts, central temperature controlling system and automated system for monitoring the electronics. In short, this offers a safe environment for market operation.

4. Nanyang Haiyan Market for Wholesale clothing items

Have you ever been to a squeezy marketplace? Well, Nanyang Haiyan Clothing center is one. The sellers indulge in piling up the stock of their clothing items in bulk in a constricted space.

Don’t expect dress trails at this place. This place is only meant for bulk selling.

If you are new to this area, its better to warn you that is place is not shiny shopping area. If you need some excellent product in this market, you will have to find your way through hurdles. Why so? The items over here are never on display on the counter. Naturally, they are difficult to locate.

The major products that are available here are women’s fashion clothing and accessories, branded handbags, watches and their replicas, scarfs etc.

5. Baima Clothing market at Shenzhen

This is a rather new wholesale market area in Shenzhen that started in 2003. This market is a building with 6 floors and harbors shops of over 500 in number.

If you want to secure wholesale price on garments, this is a good opportunity. All products here are of excellent and suitable for export purpose. Over here you majorly come across branded clothing for women, kids and men at an extreme good price.

If you want a brief layout of the building before you visit, here is a glance:

1st Floor: Area for branded clothing

2nd Floor: Area for boutique garments for women

3rd Floor: Area for boutique garments for women

4th Floor: Area for boutique garments for men

5th Floor: Area for ladies’ apparels, meant for export

The Biggest Wholesale marketplace of Yiwu

1. Yiwu International Trade Market

Also called the Futian Market is one of the largest markets in China for Wholesale goods. All stores here are kept in a properly organized manner. Planning is done by division of areas sub-categorically.

Things one can buy from this place are-

  • Jeans
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Apparels
  • Shoes
  • Home and electronic appliances
  • Sports’ equipment and dresses etc.

2. Huangyuan Garment hub for Wholesale

If you want a professional deal on wholesale clothing items, then this is the market for you. This one has earned its fame by internationalization, diversification, quality and unique garment promotion at exclusive deals and branding.

The market area is categories into 5 sections for men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing. Different floors of te building are meant for different items like a cowboy trouser, sweater, pajamas etc.

3. The Night Market of Yiwu

This market is also common to people as “San Ting Lu Night Market” or “Bingwang Night Market”. Here you across fashion accessories and garment of diverse categories. Name any international brand and its 2nd copy is available here.

You can buy all stuffs over here at wholesale price, if purchased in bulk. If you want a deal cheaper than other market areas, you can try your bargaining skills here.

The biggest Wholesale Marketplaces of Hong Kong

1. Ladies Market

Though the name here says “Ladies”, this market here caters to everyone for all different fashion apparel and accessories. This is an area for bulk shopping to avail the wholesale prices. However, over here needs to be careful about fraudulent branded items of extremely diminishing quality.

If you want to visit an area as this for shopping, you better have excellent skills there.

2. Stanley Marketplace

This market has a different appearance as compared to Northern markets of Hong Kong. Owing to the overcrowding here, one might get the feel of a fish market. Well, this market also provides option for munching from the street food stalls, while you shop.

This is a place mainly for fashion garments and accessories. If you have electronics in mind, then we suggest you look elsewhere.

3. Temple Street Marketplace

This place is the largest marketplace for both retail and wholesale in Hong Kong. For every visitor is a spectacular spot. This is a place where you find everything from clothing to food, electronics to fashion accessories.

Why is this good for visitors? Well, this is the only place in Hong Kong where every shopkeeper speaks English.

4. The Crescent Market of Jardine

This is similar to the “Ladies Market”, where the Chinese wholesalers indulge in sale of duplicate branded items. Whenever you purchase items in bulk here, its best to check them for fraud. Smart bargaining can help here.

This is well known to be the cheapest market in Hong Kong for Wholesale.

5. Sneaker Street or Fa Yuen Street Marketplace

This is attractive for both expats and locals. This is the hub of excellent fashion goods for bulk sale at the best price.

Any clue why this is called “Sneaker Street”? Well, the sellers here are known for selling 2nd copy of branded sneakers in bulk.  But they are all of great quality and cater to every man, woman and child.

Buying from online wholesalers offer market- the reason to note

Whenever we compare online and wholesale market buying experience, online comes with an upper-hand. The reasons are-

  • This is more cost-effective as you save on transportation.
  • This is time saving as you don’t need top hop from one store to other through the crowd.
  • Get wholesale products delivered at your doorstep, directly from the manufacturers.
  • Easy to replenish your stock at wholesale rate with free delivery.
  • Online complaining or resolving issues are easier.
  • For online purchase you necessarily not stay in China. You can buy from any corner of the world.

List of online wholesalers

The list of best wholesale markets in Chine does end with the crowded marketplace. China offers wholesale shopping experience on the below websites as well.

  1. Banggood
  2. DealExtreme
  3. TomTop
  4. Chinabrands

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Now that you are completely aware of the list of wholesale markets in China both offline and online, shopping will be easier for you.

Choose your option wisely considering which is more convenient and the type of product you are looking at.