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Profitable Goods From China

If you are into importing business, importing items from China has to be a common thing for you. Chinese goods form the stem of import business as per their prices are concerned. Considering the style and price the Chinese goods have, importing from China remains among the top priority.

Experts have experienced the benefit of importing Chinese goods from time to time and selling them in our local market. It’s a matter of profitability. The importing process from China is simple until you make the matter complex. This is the best platform to earn more money.

Profitable Goods From China

It’s a common practice to import goods from China and then selling them in B2C portals through online marketing or even at Retail stores. People are using import technologies as several profitable business strategies –

  • Drop-shipping business
  • E-commerce sales

The Chinese manufacturers stand as the pillar for imported products globally. This is not a new trend but one lasting for quite some time. They are recognized globally as the leader manufacturers. But, one needs to be very careful while taking forward an importing business. You need to give it time and understand the requirements of your suppliers.

Why is China the preferred hub for importing goods?

China has already earned the tag mark of being the booming hub of import goods manufacturer. But how did they achieve this milestone? They have certain advantages over other countries in the market, which make them the pioneer-

  • The physical or human labor is cheap in China
  • The Labors are highly skilled
  • The Chinese Government supports these manufacturers strongly
  • The base of Capital is well established
  • In China you get adequate rare metal reserves

The Import Business

If you are new to the importing business, then you might want to start your business with Chinese manufacturers at first. As you start the business, you slowly learn about the trading intricacies in the in international market like private labeling, quality of products, the regulations related to import business etc.

When you import it can be a difficult job to locate a supplier, shortlist items to import and then communicating for the best deal. Some simple import business strategies that might help you here are –

  • Do research and find out products that are worth importing
  • If you have identifies a product then it’s time to find out the right supplier who deals in with the right product and offers best deal
  • Arrange for some sample items on purchase basis
  • Check safety for scaling up your business and bulk orders.

Among all the above check-points for import, entrepreneurs get stuck in the beginning with the choice of the right product to import and choosing the supplier.

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Choosing the right product for import

If you are not sure what product is best for importing then you can follow the below steps to add in to your import list –

  • Identify the target customers and the market where you want your import business to set a landmark.
  • Understand the demands of the locals in that market and what kinds of products are appreciated with your preferred clients.
  • Remember, online presence is of utmost importance in today’s world. Check what is selling online now days.
  • If you are not the sole business owner, then you might want to consult with your other exporter friends and partners.
  • Check the local legal norms and paperwork associated with each type of product you wish to import.
  • Check the trading policies with the foreign embassies.
  • Checking the pricing is very important. Check what kind of budget you have in mind for importing. Negotiation with supplier and having idea on the market price of the product helps here.

All these check-points might help you identify the product good for importing from China.

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Top 6 most profitable goods to import from China

You can import various items from China. But, if you want your business to grow and blossom, you need to import goods that are highly profitable in nature. However, be careful of what you buy, especially if the products are related to alcohol, medicines or any other perishable items. As per market studies the 6 high selling and most profitable goods to import from China are –

1. Cutters and graters

Misé-en-place, i.e. peeling, chopping, grating and others, among all other cooking activities are most messy and time taking job. Having a machine or tool to make these works easier is always welcome.

These items sell like hot cake in the market.

When you buy from Chinese suppliers in bulk, you get a great rate. Considering the cost price and the price that you sell them for, you usually make a huge profit margin. Studies show that in general these cooking tools help in making around 2500% profit on per piece sold.

Think about the total profit you earn when you are selling in bulk!

2. Buttons of your jeans

Not only buttons for elastic jeans, China can offer you with a wide range of button collections for different apparel. The quality is something you like in these items. In general the jeans buttons are likely to get broken easily. But not the ones you import from China.

Market researches show that people prefer to have buttons on their stretchy jeans in order to make them well fit. Looks like great selling opportunity? Indeed it is.

Not only the cost prices for these buttons are cheap, but also they yield huge profits. You can sell packs of them at a decent price and yet earn up to 2900%.

3. Stampers for Nail Arts

Coming to the fashion industry, no wonder the cosmetics and beauty products are in high demand today. But you really don’t earn huge profit by selling majority since the cost price and duty will be high.

But we tools like nail art stampers are not that expensive and yes girls like to get nail art done. Give young women the chance to decorate their nails with ecstatic nail paints and funny designs, nothing will make them happier. They do need nail art stampers to a great extend to get this job done neatly.

Excluding the duty and logistics, these stampers cost about $0.8 per piece but considering the market trend you get to sell them for $5-$7 per piece. You still earn a profit of about 700% here.

4. Kids’ Cutlery

In importing business, any product pertaining to kids are profitable in nature. The profit level increase havoc for cutleries since they are cheap when purchased in bulk. They can yield up to 500% profit.

When you import from China the cutleries come in all great shapes and colors that kids enjoy like Spiderman, hello kitty, barn animals etc.

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5. Electronic gadgets

Among all other items that sell well in the market, the Chinese electronic gadgets are always in high demand. They are sold for cheap and have great quality, especially when you buy the lamps with USD charging facility.

You can’t just manufacture these products everywhere. This is something unique and innovative and guarantees a good glow when connected through USB. You don’t really need electricity or wires to do the job of charging.

These items are very popular with young people and people who love camping for its convenience to work without electricity.

Guess how much profit you can make out of these! The cost of bulk purchasing excluding all duty fees is less than a dollar, whereas, you get to sell them for $5 to $6 per piece. So, you make about 600% profit here.

Isn’t it amazing!

6. Survival kits

Survival kits are essential if your clients love camping. You don’t need to sell a huge kit box here, all you need is an all purpose tool. In general these tools consist of knives, hammer, scissors, thermometer, a compass and some more, all fused together in just one key chain.

These products if you try to import from Switzerland can be extremely expensive. But the Chinese ones are dirt cheap. They might not last your customers for generations, but again, spending $10 for a product like these is fine with customers.

You make good profit here as well as your cost price will never be more than $2 per piece.

Ehen you import from China, you come across many more such products that will fetch you good profit, but first check if your target clients are looking forward to buy such items.

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Earn maximum out of import

Once you decide on the market you want to target, you can get online and check the reviews your competitors have. Stick to your niche of business and mark the items that sell more. The more you can sell one particular type, the better your earning will be.

You can only save on the duty and logistical support and earn a good profit out of imported items if you have ordered in a bulk. The duty fees seem minor when you bulk order and manage to sell all of it to the correct clientele.

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