China Importwala has been efficiently providing International shipping and logistical support to different Indian companies in the trading market since 2000. 

We have grown in the industry as one of the most trusted companies for logistical support over these two decades. We owe our success to our attitude towards the job. We have mastered the art of professionalism, interpersonal relationship management, and gained considerable experience in this industry.

We, the China Importwala, run our business with a customer-centric approach. We completely understand what you need, and expect out of us, and work hard to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. 

We provide our services to trading companies, regardless of their sizes. This helps us ensure that all types of goods are well taken care of. We cater towards-

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Customs and clearance
  • Door-to-door shipping for import from China

We are experts in providing customized solutions for trading. We assure you of smooth and safe cargo delivery to their destination under all circumstances as we are experts in dealing with custom clearances.

What kind of freight service do you need? We offer our clients a choice between sea and air or both. No matter which freight service you choose, we will provide you with a 24×7 freight assistance to keep you posted on the cargo updates.

We are a global company with proficient knowledge of handling freight and shipping. Are you worried about language barriers when trading with foreign countries? We have a solution for that too. Our overseas team is well-versed in French, Chinese, Hindi, and English. So, they can handle all the linguistic issues you face while trading with Chinese suppliers.

Are you having difficulty in relying on your shipping agents? We have solutions for that too. Out networking is extensive and is well connected with highly trusted agents.

What we commit:

Whenever you hire services from us, we guarantee you-

  • An experienced team of specialists for logistical support. They always ensure smooth and safe cargo movement and keep the clients updated with proper tracking details.
  • We understand your needs and value your business reservations. Our team of experts tirelessly works towards providing you with customized business solutions at a competitive rate.
  • We are experts in door-to-door service. We combine all our resources like our network of valuable partners, special domestic transportation services, and assets to provide unique services.
  • Irrespective of the size of your company, we will deliver our best service to you. We believe in a customer-centric approach and treat everyone with respect.


Our Vision:

We are to become one of the most appreciated freight handling companies in the global trade because of our employees, trade partners, and most importantly our commitment towards our clients.

Our Mission:

We have a mission of earning a reputation among our clientele by curating creative customized solutions for shipping goods and also by sharing information with people from the trade, processes about an effective and efficient way of handling cargo.

Core Values of Our Business:

Focus on clients – We develop interpersonal relationships with our clients and aim to exceed their expectations to reach our goals.

Accountability – We take responsibility for our work and believe it to be an important aspect to reach the peak of success

Integrity – We maintain our standards of ethics, honesty, and trust at the highest level for our work.

Teamwork – We have a team of experienced members who work together and respect each other at work to help maintain a strong bond at the office.

Steady improvement – We believe in a constant improvement of our service and hence support constant education, compliance dedication, awareness about safety, and the environment for steady growth.

Communication – Communication is important for every service. Hence, we practice active listening and understanding and responsiveness while dealing with clients. This helps us communicate better.

Our Door-to-door shipping import service:

We provide extensive door-to-door service when importing goods from China. All you need to arrange is a supplier to send their goods to our warehouse located in China. We will take of the rest-

  • Your goods get packed in mixed containers for shipping.
  • We will take care of the Chinese clearance cost.
  • We will be paying the freight charges for importing goods to India from China.
  • We will be paying for the customs as well when the goods arrive in India.
  • Clearance charges are taken care of by us at the Indian ports.
  • We take care of the “Out of Port” delivery in Mumbai.
  • We if your destination is not Mumbai, we will load the goods in the local shipment vehicle chosen by you for final delivery.

Our Charges:

  • Our charges are based on a weight limit of 200Kg per CMB
  • If the weight is more than 200Kg, we will charge based on actual weight per Kg.
  • Since we provide customized import experience, you need to get the exact charges from us over chat or e-mail.

Where to contact:

If you want to know more about our services or hire our experts, you can contact us as below-

Address: Gala No. 14, A2, Nilgiri Building, Wadala Truck Terminal, Next to Wadala RTO, Mumbai – 400037

E-mail at:

You can also leave your query with us by filling up the inquiry form on contact us page.