The 10 Best Cities For Doing Business in China

Whoever has invested in the import-export market, have a fair idea that Chinese suppliers are the best for importing goods at a dirt-cheap price.

Doing is business with China is an all-time favorite for business. They might be a little difficult-to-handle business partner, but once you have set the terms, no one does business better than the Chinese.

But if you want to get the best Chinese suppliers, you need to know the best cities for doing business in China.

Only when you get suppliers from the best cities, you get the best deal and quality products.

Here we have listed the top 10 Chinese cities that are best for import business. Each of the specific trade rules you need to follow. If you know the cities and these norms, you can easily establish a smooth business with China and earn a good fortune.

Top 10 Best Cities for Doing Business in China

You can choose suppliers from any corner of China, but doing business with suppliers from the major cities come with their set of advantages. The primary advantage of this arrangement is the chance of overcoming language barriers. The more interior you go, the fewer number of English speaking suppliers are there for you. Choosing suppliers from these 10 cities will help you handle the business better.

1. Shanghai or Wu or Shen

Shanghai, the biggest Chinese city, is the best in China for everything. Starting from the economy, trade, transportation to shipping. In fact, the highest GDP in China comes from Shanghai. Plus, Shanghai has the best international port for trading.

Naturally, it is considered the best city for import business. The trade market in Shanghai is ever-growing. They didn’t even see a recession during 2008 when the world had an economic crash!

Do you know why the trade scenario is so great in China? Here are a few reasons behind the great trade scenario of Shanghai-

  • A free trade zone has been established by the Shanghai government to allow 18 new foreign investment opportunities and service segments from engineering to shipping.
  • Shanghai is ideally located in the Yangtze River Delta, posing as the most distinguished hub for shipping. Moreover, the location of the place makes it ideal to procure resources for business. Even the transportation system is great here.
  • The third most important reason for the Shanghai culture, which is an ideal mix of modernization and ancient traditions. They believe in Guanxi or in trust and relationship for their business.

This is truly the best place to conduct international business where the people believe in building relationship.

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2. Beijing, one of the best cities for doing business in China

Beijing, the Chine capital, is also the lead city of Chinese culture and heritage, having 6 world heritage sites. But Beijing is more than just a cultural hub. From ancient times, Beijing stood as one of the leading cities for business and trading.

From face recognition apps to instant-pay-cash apps, Beijing is the city that is fast in everything. So is their aggressiveness when it comes to business. The city officials have taken certain measures to create a business-friendly environment in the city. Here is a why we consider Beijing as the most business-friendly city of China-

a. Time to start a business here

Can you imagine, Beijing is so fast in authorizing a business, you can set up on in just a week? There are one-window stations in each of the 5 districts of Beijing that take registration applications through online portals and provide approvals. If the load of registration is a bit low, they can let it happen in a day too. To know more about this, you check the norms for online registration at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce website of China.

b. Registration of a property

There was a time when you needed to deal with the tax department, transaction department, and much more separately, just to get a business property registered. But things have shaped-up now. You can deal with all the departments through one online portal to get your property registered.

c. Foreign investors are incentivized

Beijing, in order to promote foreign trading, is now offering easy policies for Chinese business visas, foreign investments, and even residency. All stringent laws related to foreign investment are now relaxed for your convenience.

3. Guangzhou, the shipping and commercial hub since the Qi Dynasty

Guangzhou has been known for its increasing market in foreign trade. This place experiences an growth in GDP by 13%. It holds the comprehensive strength of being the third best city in china for import-export trade.

A few things this gem city provides to the foreign trade market are-

  • Canton Fair for import-export business is held over here every year during spring and fall.
  • Guangzhou opens its door to foreign traders for industrial and agricultural growth.

4. Hangzhou, the hub of technology

Hangzhou is world-famous for hi-tech trading. Since the G20 summit policies, Hangzhou emerged in the international market as one of the lead players in the import-export business. Some trade features of Hangzhou that won over the market are-

  • This is the place that gave birth to the world’s largest technically-improved channel of e-commerce business, Alibaba.
  • Hangzhou didn’t emerge into the biggest hub for e-commerce in a day. The Government played a vital role here. The Government provides every hi-tech firm in the city with Tax relaxation, internet incentives, subsidies for housing, to set up marketing places.
  • Hangzhou has slowly developed into grounds that offer more than e-commerce and hi-tech. They have taken over the food and beverage market and biotechnology as well.

5. Shenzhen, the technology giant of China

Shenzhen or the Peng city poses as an important hub for air movement and port facilities towards foreign trade. Since the reformation of the Chinese trade market, Shenzhen stood as an important place for foreign trade. How it earned its fame can be said in a concise manner as-

  • Shenzhen hosts the International Culture Industry Fair of China every year in May, to promote products belonging to the Chinese culture to the world.
  • It is great to set up a business out here since you get government aid.
  • There is a QianHai Zone in Shenzhen that provides lower cost for labor, rental, corporate taxes, financial incentives, and more. Plus, this region is located in close proximity to the Mainland China manufacturing zones.
  • The industrial “design parks” of Shenzhen are world-famous, as this is the ground to display business ideas, technological know-how, and develop your business.
  • When it comes to location in the trade market, nothing beats Shenzhen. After all, it is the busiest port for container movement in the world.
  • Apart from technology and business, you might want to set your company here as it has the best transportation system and shopping opportunities.

6. Wuhan, yet another in the list of best cities for doing business in China

Wuhan is known for its integrated transport system and industries. From 2014 to 2015, the GDP of Wuhan has grown by 8.8%. Wuhan’s trade fame is not restricted to international business but also stretches to the domestic trade market.

This is considered as the economic hub of Central China because of the technology and scientific development parks, over 1600 technology institutes, and more. Some other advantages that are making Wuhan one of the best cities for doing business in China –

  • Wuhan has regional advantages over many places being located in the central part of China and also as a result of having great transportation links.
  • There are many “special industrial zones” over here in Wuhan that is specialized in biotechnology, rive-based transportation.

7. Chengdu, the center for logistics

Chengdu is well known for its logistical power, technology, communication business, and transportation. The GDP fo this place has grown by 7.7% from 2015 to 2016. So the growth is very promising for developing a business over here. If you want to import items from china then is the manufacturing base for many suppliers.

8. Suzhou, the best city for service

Suzhou is the largest manufacturing hub of China, located very close to Shanghai. The city indulges in trading of electronic equipment, IT, steel, and more. Suzhou has grown considerably over the years and shows a growth of 7% GDP every year.

9. Chongqing, the river-connecting city for business

Chongqing is a modern city for ideal trading as it is well connected with the Yangtze River. Reasons, why it grew to be so important, are-

  • The transportation and industries grew considerably over years.
  • Chongqing has shown GDP growth by 11% in a year too.
  • This city is considered as the best among 20 emerging cities of China in the year 2010 in the Economic Intelligence Unit.

10. Tianjin, one of the best cities for doing business in China

Tianjin has been known for its great economy since 1860. It is one of the oldest cities in China to have a port for industrial development.


If you are looking for the best cities for doing business in China, there are many opportunities here. Look for the cities that provide Government support when it comes to foreign trade. When you get incentivized for the business and have a great mode of transportation, business is bound to bloom.

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